Instores and Lives: September and October

It’s come to my attention that I haven’t posted about this since September. I’ve done A LOT since then. Like, looking back on it, it’s a good thing I wrote down things I had planned in my planner otherwise I would be missing stuff. I think this post will only cover the rest of September and October and then a second one will cover November and December, just to make it easier. Let’s get this show on the road! The Liraizo 9/5 live was the last one I covered so after that… was… Black Gene!

Okay, so pretty much everyone knows that Black Gene for the Next Scene (shortened to Black Gene or BFN) is my honmei. I’ve been their fan since their first debut live in Nagoya nearly four years ago. Even after I left Japan the first time, I faithfully followed them and their music. So naturally, I would jump at a chance to see them again. Shortly after arriving in Japan in August, BFN announced a single release in September. I preordered two copies from the two stores they were going to have events at. There was one at FiveStars on 9/25 and then one after the live at Edison on 9/26. The one on 9/25 I had to rush to; it started at 6:30 I believe. Or 6, I can’t remember it was a LONG time ago. I took my overnight bag with me to work and just changed in the bathroom before leaving work. Kim met me outside of FiveStars and went to go wait while I went up to my event.

The event for this instore was a Jeopardy like quiz game. Of the categories I could read it was “Nagoya Kanji”, “Anime”, “Nagoya Specialties”, and “BFN Members”. When you showed your ticket to get in, you got to pick a member of your choice and you were given a piece of paper. I picked Toki of course and wen to sit down. I had a pretty decent number (12, I think), but because I was coming straight from work, I arrived a little bit after doors had already opened. I should have been second row, but by the time I got there I managed fourth row. Still not too bad all things considering. I sat by a couple fellow Toki fans and we chatted about the upcoming one-man the following night.

BFN came out and we were told that whichever member won the quiz game, anyone who chose that member would get to have something signed by them. Cue excited chatter! I’m not gonna lie; that would be awesome to have something signed only by Toki. I don’t actually have anything signed by them (only a fan I got at a live for buying an old CD), so that would have been nice. The members were curious who had picked them and so we raised our hands when each members name was spoken. Ice had the most, Rame and Toki were tied, and poor San only had 2 people. I felt really bad for him and after talking with the girl sitting next to me, we tried to see if we could change out tickets to San; we couldn’t, but the staff could tell we meant well.

The quiz itself was pretty funny. Lots of drawings, confusing kanji, interesting descriptions of Nagoya cuisine and all the band members getting questions wrong about one another. In the end, San ended up having the most points, Toki behind him, then Ice and Rame had none. We all got ready for our five shot with the band and helped stack the chairs up. The event was running a bit behind schedule for some reason and so a lot of the girls were getting antsy. But the nice thing about FiveStars is that we go up based on our number, whereas some stores just do it based off of where you’re standing at the time. So even though I didn’t sit where I was originally supposed to, I got to go up sooner for pictures. I ended up choosing to sit next to Toki and San.


Fast forward to the next day: I went early to buy goods at the presale before the live; I was buying for myself, Kim, and another fan overseas, so I wanted to go early enough to pack away the rest of the goods before going into the venue. Between everything I had bought, I managed to get an after live atari two shot with each member of the band! It was a non-pose Atari (I didn’t get to pick the pose), but still! TWO SHOTS.

I had a pretty decent ticket for the live too. It was at ELL Fits All so no matter where I would stand in the venue, I’d see the stage. I managed to secure a spot in the Pit (SCORE), but one of the fans pushed their way to the pit and wedged herself between me and another fan and neither of us were happy about it. It was hard to do much because I kept whacking her in the face because she didn’t want to participate in anything.


You’re in the Pit; either participate or get out.

They played all my favorite songs, but the one song I thought they would play they didn’t; they didn’t play Fear Dance! Which is so odd since it’s like… their signature after涙-kHz-. I wasn’t the only one who was surprised either. But they played DOOM which I hadn’t heard since their debut early for years ago, so that was FANTASTIC. Other fans seemed pretty surprised they played it too. They did one encore and then everyone started dispersing from the venue, most fans leaving, some of us staying behind for our two shots. Since I managed one with each member, I got in line for the first one then had to be let back in the venue for the others.

Rame was first and he was SO CUTE. He’s so adorable. He shook my hand afterwards and we chatted for a couple minutes before I was ushered back inside. After that was Ice; he’s so freaking spacy I love him. After him was San who is hella tall. Like, even in the picture, he’s slouching forward kinda so he’s not standing up straight. He shook my hand too, but we didn’t have time to talk much. Toki was last and the fans in that line actually remembered me from the debut live in Nagoya way back when. They let me go last for Toki, in a way ensuring that he would talk with me knowing I was the last one. I went in, took the picture and he shook my hand. We spoke a bit and it went something like this (from what I can remember):

Toki: Thank you for coming! Was the live fun?
Me:  Yes! It was a lot of fun! I’m glad I could come tonight.
Toki: You look familiar. Have we met before?
Me: Well, yesterday.
Toki: No, not yesterday. I know you were at FiveStars yesterday. I meant before that.
Me: …yeah, we’ve met before. But it was a long time ago.
Toki: Oh? How long? Last year?
Me: No, it was for the Namida release.
Toki: Namida?! You’ve been following BFN since Namida?
Me: Actually, I was at your debut in Nagoya for DOOM, but Namida was the first time we met. I went to an event in Tokyo.
Toki: …you! I remember you!
Me: …you… do?
Toki: Yes! You were the foreign girl Sala threw his drumstick to!
Me: (O_O) <–my face at that sentence
Toki: You are, aren’t you?
Me: …I’m surprised you remember that.
Toki: Are you coming to the event at Edison?
Me: Yes, I am. I’m going to the store after this.
Toki: Well! I’ll see you there! Thank you again for coming!
Me: -still kind of stuttering that he remembered me-

After that, the staff had me leave and the other fans I had been talking with had waited for me on the sidewalk to finish. We walked to Edison together, but since we had been the last ones to leave the venue, we were standing for the instore. It wasn’t very long; just a simple “Kanpai” (cheers with tea or orange juice) and question and answer session. Toki got pressured into trying some whiskey; his body didn’t take to it very well as his entire neck blossomed into a bright red color.

We lined up for the pictures, but people who had to catch Meitetsu or JR trains took precedence so I was able to get pushed to the front as I was one of those people haha. I thought I had been told that we just had to stand by our favorite member, so I went to go stand by Toki, but I was moved to the center to stand by Ice and San; I think Toki saw the panicked look on my face, but we couldn’t do much about it. Took the picture and I was sent on my way. I’m still glad I got a picture though.


Man, this is gonna be a long post. Ugh. This is what I get for waiting for so long to post; seriously. Okay, change of plan. Unless I decide to write out the whole experience for a specific moment, I’m just gonna do bullet points for the remaining lives in this post. It’s gonna be way too long otherwise.

I did have a live on 10/4 for Liraizo, but that was not a pleasant experience in any shape, form, or state so I’m just going to avoid that one with a 10-foot pole.

10/10: Liraizo instore at Zeal Link
-I went with Kim, but since this event was actually BEFORE the album release (issues with the company manufacturing the album, release date was pushed back to 10/28), the tickets were shuffled and we weren’t sitting together. She was second row I believe and I was back in the fifth row.
-First part was a talk event; I honestly don’t remember what they talked about.
-Second part was having our personal messages recorded. This was actually really cool; I’ve never done this before. You write what you want them to say on a piece of paper and they either say exactly what you wrote or tweek it however they want, with your sentence or phrase still in mind. Since I bought all three types of the album, I was allowed three different messages.
-The three messages I chose were: “Good Morning”, “Good night,” and “Happy Birthday” I had written my name at the top too, just to give them the option of using my name if they wanted
-The order of members: Touma, Yutoman, Yuki, Suzune, Kili
-All five members ended up adding my name to the message (Miranda-chan)
-Touma, Yuki, Suzune, and Kili all ended up changing my message to more than what I wrote; Touma had the longest messages out of all of them.
-Suzune and Kili used English in my messages; Yuki tried to say Happy Birthday in English, but panicked last minute and said it in Japanese. He offered to do it again, but after listening to it, I wanted to keep it
-Suzune actually sang Happy Birthday in English for my third message
-Kili kept saying my  name with worse and worse pronunciation as the messages went on. By the third message, he said “Milandla”
-After all the messages were said and done, we got back in line for pictures. This was “selfie style”; I’ve never done a selfie two shot before, so that was awwwwesome.
-When I stood by Touma, he pulled me closer because apparently I wasn’t close enough to start with
-When I stood by Suzune, I apparently was standing on the wrong side as he took my hand and led me to the right spot to stand >.< he didn’t let go of my hand either until we took the picture, so while he was fiddling with the settings on my phone for our picture, he was swinging my hand back and forth XD
-I was actually one of the last people to get a picture with Suzune; he wanted to redo my picture because it didn’t come out quite right, but they were running late and they had to get to the venue for their taiban live (of which I was not attending)

10/10: SCREW One-Man at ELL Fits All
-This was a couple hours after the Liraizo instore; had I known sooner, I would have gone to the taiban rather than this one-man, but I ordered these tickets back in the beginning of August and I didn’t know about the taiban then.
-From what I can remember, the set list was fairly tame for SCREW
-I can’t remember what the gyakudai was like, but I don’t think it was that intense
-Byou’s mic kept messing up and going in and out; at first I didn’t understand why this was such a big deal, he could just use a different mic, but it was explained later on why it was an issue.
-During the last song of the main set, Byou actually left the stage angrily; the song wasn’t over but the band kept playing.
-When the band came back out for the encore, Byou explained why he stormed off; apparently he was sick and the mic helped cover the higher notes he couldn’t reach right now, but since it wasn’t working it made the music sound bad, which made him upset. We were honestly more concerned over his health rather than if the music was off key.
-As an apology they did three encores
-There was a chance to meet the band afterwards, but I figured that since I was attending two events the next day for them, I didn’t need to bother.

10/11: Two instore events for SCREW at HMV and Zeal Link
-The first event was actually one of the fastest events I’ve ever been to; I didn’t initially know what it was for, but I had the first and second ticket for it.
-Basically, the four members were standing at tables with printed cheki and you would walk up and point to the one you wanted (face down) and they would hand it to you and they would shake your hand. We didn’t get much time to talk with them as the guy ushering us was pretty on top of it.
-I went back a second time since I had two tickets. I was done within 15 minutes!
-Second event was a signing and handshake event.
-First time I went up, I had a sign board that I made with their pictures (they signed by their picture)
-Don’t remember much of the conversations, but some were about their upcoming 10th anniversary, some were general “where are you from/what do you do”. When I got to Byou, I asked if he was feeling better today and not to strain himself when he’s sick. He was so sweet >.<
-Went back a second time around; when I ordered the mini-album initially, I didn’t realize it was a mini album. So I ended up ordering two at each instore LOL
-Had a photobook signed second time around
-Band seemed surprised to see me back a second time; can’t remember the conversations exactly >.<

10/31: Halloween Taiban in at Ikebukuro EDGE in Tokyo.
-This live was absolutely magical; went with Kim and Ann, but also saw a few other friends/fans I know
-We dressed up, mimicking Liraizo’s bloody eyepatch look from previous uploaded photos. I thought we looked pretty sick! (In the cool way, not the actual sick way)
-We were really only there for Liraizo, but a couple other bands I knew were playing as well. Liraizo was… second I believe.
-Since it was Halloween, everyone was dressed up in some form or fashion.
-Suzune was Edward Scissorhands; Yutoman painted half his face as a skeleton; Touma was Jack Skellington; Kili didn’t dress up as anyone specific, but had his bloody eye patch; Yuki dressed up as “Yukiko”
-During one of the songs, Yuki went too far forward when going up to the stage platform and fell off stage; he landed on the girl who always cosplays him… who was standing right in front of us. We managed to get them both back up and Yuki patted her head to make sure she was okay.  He sat on the bar until the song finished.
-I ended up catching a pumpkin Touma threw; had some sort of candy inside.
-Reign played a bit later and they were all dressed up as Lupin the 3rd characters
-We ended up leaving after shortly after Reign played because we were tired and we wanted food >.<


And lordy that took a long time. I seriously apologize for slacking on these reports >.< Next Instore/Live post will cover November and December, possibly January. But since I still have a live coming up for January, I might just wait and do that one in February.


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