Instores and Lives: November and December

Okay! Here’s the second section of the rest of the lives and instore events I attended in 2015. This one is much shorter than the previous post. I’m going to do the same thing and do bullet points instead of completely writing out what happened. One, it’s easier; two, I’m feeling particularly lazy.

11/7: Spur of the moment Instore with シブルバシル
-This was literally spur of the moment. Kim and I went to Edison to order some CD’s and boom. Ended up buying a CD to attend this event.
-Event was just a talk and picture
-The talk was… interesting. It was a quiz game and the loser had to do a batsu cheki
-Izumi (the vocalist) lost and omg his batsu cheki made everyone cringe, even us >.< I’m so glad I didn’t get it in the cheki pile
-We got a picture with them and I ended up choosing Izumi and Marya; I really only picked Izumi because I figured he’d do something weird or funny; he kinda sorta did.


11/14: Ogre God Festival Vol. 2 Live (Liraizo’s First Anniversary)
-Quite possibly one of the longest lives I’ve ever been to; it started at 12:30 and we didn’t end until about 9:30/10:00.
-I knew a lot of the bands, but didn’t participate in all of them
-ぞんび was fun! They had a song where the furitsuke was moving like a zombie
-Managed to be fourth row when Liraizo came on stage for their set.
-Amazing set list, but man did my make-up and hair take a beating
-Left shortly after Suzune’s screaming to get in line for cheki; since this was their one man, they included special atari cheki. I needed it!
-Stayed in line with a Japanese friend to hold our spot when the encore happened. Though, part of me wishes that I had gone back to the encore because they were throwing things out to the fans, even Suzune and he never throws anything… EVER.
-When it was time to pull cheki, I managed 3 atari; I traded one with Kim for a 6-shot atari she had pulled earlier. She actually pulled 7 since she bought the remaining old cheki XD
-6 shot was first, but nothing special for that one
-My two-shots were Touma and Suzune
-Got a side hug with Touma
-Bucked up the courage to ask Suzune for hug cause he’s not a huggy person and HE DID IT. I was so happy!

12/5: Black Gene for the Next Scene Tokyo Hard Mode Winter Tour, 1st Night
-Venue was in the middle of NO WHERE; like, in some odd location in Waseda. I ended up joining a group of BFN fans who recognized me to find it.
-Even having the ticket number I did, I managed fourth row (that’s just how small this venue was)
-Venue was so small there was no actual entrance for the first band to go on stage and so they had to go through all their fans first
-Wore parka’s over parts of their usual outfits
-San was waaaaaay too tall for the stage: he hit his head on the ceiling during their first song, Fear Dance
-No guard rails, so we all had to learn a new way to gyakudai (quite possibly one of the most awkward gyakudai’s I’ve ever done)
-Found out the meaning of the tour title; not a single rest song to be found at all. I usually don’t pay attention to the tour titles because I never really put them together with the theme of the live; MISTAKE OF A LIFE TIME.
-The AC was broken
-I am now completely convinced that -涙kHz- is a work out song; Ice even sounded like a personal trainer
-Longest gyakudai ever (famous last words, refer to 12/27 Hard Mode, 7th Night)
-Thought I broke my toe after slipping out of my shoes and rolling my ankles; found out later I ony dislocated it
-Continued to participate in the live until the encore ended; had to be helped upstairs by fellow fans
-Had three pictures; pulled a musical post cheki for Ice and then had two non-pose cheki with Toki and San.
-Got to hold the microphone with Ice for our picture
-Told Toki I had broken/hurt my foot during the second round of Fear Dance
-When the staff were rebinding my foot after my photos, BFN came up and saw me; the shaaaaaame

12/12: Spur of the moment Instore with Lagna
-Again, went to Edison with the intention to only order something and ended up with a ticket to an event
-This was a question and answer session. I asked the question, “If you weren’t in the music industry, what job would you want?” or something along those lines.
-It was a simple picture afterwards, but there was a recurring trend of everyone doing the “Yarazo” pose so I went for it!
-We ended up going back a second time because Kim’s photo came out wrong and needed to be redone; they were super nice about it and let her take it a second time once everyone was done.


12/27 Black Gene for the Next Scene Tokyo Hard Mode Winter Tour, 7th Night
-This was technically the finale for the Tour; there was a special “Xtra Hard Mode” for Ice’s birthday on 1/1
-Pulled an atari cheki where I could chose the member and pose; of course I chose Toki
-Staff let us in early because they thought it was too cold for us to be standing outside.
-Snagged a good shimote spot next to my two BFN buddies
-BFN played all my favorite songs minus one (its ballad and this was Hard Mode; they weren’t going to play it)
-Had three gyakudai’s
-The second gyakudai was 40 minutes long. 40. MINUTES. LONG. Do you even realize how long that is? It’s long. It’s so freaking long
-Had an entire bottle of Pocari Sweat (drink) poured all over myself and another fan, courtesy of Rame
-Got to saizen during the long gyakudai as Ice made everyone rotate until the song ended
-Ice literally picked up Rame (over his shoulders) and threw him into the crow; we BARELY caught him
-All of the band members, even their support drummer participated in the saizen gyakudai
-At the start of Fear Dance, Toki screamed into the mic, “BE CAREFUL PLEASE,” while looking where I was standing
-Ice thought it would be a grand idea to add 10 minutes of head banging to the usual pre-Namida work out mix
-Caught a piece of candy Toki threw
-Had a wonderful (short) conversation with Toki before and after my picture about my foot and the live this time around. Told him I’d see him again on 1/30
-Usually, I write down the conversations right after they happen so I don’t forget anything when I post about them (the 1/8-9 conversations with Lirazio will be a perfect example when they’re up), but I forgot to do it for this one.
-I finally got to hug Toki. Life is perfect


I originally had a live planned for 12/31 but I was feeling really ill and sick so I ended up staying in Hamamatsu instead. And that wraps it up for the 2015 concerts! I’m still working on the other posts for January and February; March and April might take time since the majority of those lives are for BFN (they’re disbanding in April).


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