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Silver Week Part One: Sports Day Psych, Enkai and Tokyo Disneyland

Yeah, Silver Week was so intense, it has to be broken down into two parts. I’m really doing this for your benefit; there’s a lot to cover O_O Alright… Let’s do this. So before Silver Week even began, I had … Continue reading

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Free Time in Japan: Concerts, Instore’s and Concerts

Alright! So, I decided to do a separate post on what I’ve been doing on the weekends because only a handful really care about that; I figure, that for the people who are only interested in my work life, this … Continue reading

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Full Week of School and TYPHOON

Well! This has been an amazing and somewhat terrifying week! I finally have visited all my schools and am creating a nice routine. And I survived a typhoon. The typhoon was actually one of the worst ones I’ve been in … Continue reading

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Going On’s of August, Hokubu Opening Ceremony, and YAY ALT LIFE

Can’t believe it’s September already! It feels like I just arrived in Japan, when in fact I’ve been here a little over a month! I’ve been so busy I guess I just haven’t noticed. Because I’m feeling particularly lazy today, I … Continue reading

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