Pre-Departure Orientation

Today flew by!

I finally was able to meet the rest of the Alaska JETs and they’re awesome! The excitement in the room was simply contagious. I was tired when I arrived at the Consular, but after the orientation and talking with the other JETs, I was filled with energy!

Our orientation was a 10am and I think it was really informative. We covered a variety of topics, such as packing (too late for me!), culture shock phases, contact information, a small rundown of the process once we arrive in Tokyo, and small tid bits about teaching and such. The most important part, at least for me, was getting our tickets and bag tags! We even got a sticker we have to wear when we get through immigration so the JET volunteers can grab us and guide us to the check in and baggage drop off. As the orientation went on, it slowly started hitting me that, yes, I am in fact going back. I’m sure it won’t legitimately hit me until I’m on the plane from Seattle to Tokyo.

After orientation, we trickled out slowly and made our way to a luncheon set up by the Consular; we had guests from the Alaska Dispatch News, the Anchorage Chief of Police, and professors from UAA. Each table had to sit one JET and it was a smidge awkward for me only because I didn’t have any personal guests. So for a while, I was sitting at the table by myself until the Chief of Police and the head of the Consular sat at my table. We had to give small introductions, like where we were from, where we graduated from, our major, our placement and how many schools we have. An alum gave a wonderful speech as well!


Lunch only lasted a couple hours and then it was relaxation for the rest of the night! Our flight to Seattle is at 5:45 am so we have to be at the airport at 3:45 to meet the KIE Rep; we were all joking about doing lines of espresso shots at Starbucks to stay awake during the flight, but since I’m just going to stay awake all night, I might just try to sleep whenever I’m able.

IMG_3572[1] IMG_3566[1]

J taught me how to make gyoza and lumpia; my gyoza were a little…different than hers, but they still tasted awesome O_O

IMG_3568[1] IMG_3569[1] IMG_3570[1]

Other than that, just repacking my carry-on bags, making sure I have everything I; going to need and so forth. I’m going to do my best to update as often as I can, but from what I’ve heard from some JETs in the group that went as week, the Keio Hotel has spotty internet. And I’m pretty sure I won’t have home internet for at least my first month, but I think there’s a Starbucks nearby my apartment.

Next time you hear from me, I’ll be in Japan!


About mandipanda13

I love Visual Kei and almost everything about Japan! If you're wondering what the small percentage of dislike is consisted of I'll sum it up in a few short words: COCKROACHES AND HUMIDITY. Alaska has neither of them; hence, no likey.
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4 Responses to Pre-Departure Orientation

  1. Hello Nihon! says:

    Good luck and have a safe flight! Can’t wait to read about orientation and training! (Coincidentally, I had lumpia for dinner today lol)


  2. Matthew says:

    Enjoy yourself! It’s the beginning of a wonderful adventure!


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