Two Days Until Japan!

Can’t believe Japan is just around the corner! It feels like I just got my placement yesterday! I was so worried time would crawl by slowly, but now that I look at the calendar, it snuck up on me!I also added a new page to the navigation bar for “JET Expenses”. I’d like this blog not only to tell others of my adventures in Japan, but also be a guide for future JET Applicants!

I finished work on July 17th and my parents threw me a Farewell BBQ on the 18th for family and friends. It was so fun! My dad makes the best brisket. I’m gonna miss me some brisket O_O I “packed” up one suitcase I’ll be taking over and I say “packed” because it’s more like I tossed anything and everything I planned on bringing that I didn’t need to use while I was in Seattle. I’m preeeetty sure it’s over the 50lb limit, but I won’t know for sure until I return on the 28th.

I caught a small cold on the 19th somehow; I should have seen it coming really. I have the BEST luck in the world when it involves my health. But I did not let that deter my plans! I’ve been in Seattle since the 20th; needed to get some business clothes and convert money; but mainly it was to help my best friend move into her new apartment and spend time with her before I move to Japan! We went to high school together and have been best friends since! Shopping with her is so much fun! She has a great fashion sense for causal and business clothing styles and I’d probably be lost without her! I’m going to miss her so much! We managed to do so much when I was there. We found lots of stuff for her apartment, she got a job, we cooked together, we visited China Town, raided the Tacoma Mall, went to her painting job and so much more! I wish I could have spent more time with her, but she and her husband are planning on coming to Japan for New Year’s!



I was interviewed for a newspaper in Anchorage earlier last week; they’re doing an article on the JET Program and this year’s JETs from Alaska. It was so exciting! I’ve never done something like that before; I get to meet the journalist at our Pre-Departure Orientation Luncheon. That’s also when I’ll get to meet the rest of the Alaska JETs in person. I haven’t met anyone except through Facebook since I’m the only SE AK JET and I couldn’t fly up every time an Info session happened. I’m excited to meet everyone!

I returned to Juneau on July 28th and spent all day on the 29th packing and doing last minute stuff. Have a few boxes to have sent after I leave (like all of my Alaska stuff). My mom was amazing and hemmed all my pants! Trooper!

Arrived in Anchorage this afternoon and I’m staying with a fellow Alaska JET, J. We had Red Robin for dinner and then went to see Pixels. Tomorrow we have our Pre-Departure Orientation at the Consular. It’s slowly hitting me that I’m really going back to Japan on Saturday. I don’t know why, but I have mixed emotions about it. Part of me is really happy about going back over, but then the other part is questioning whether or not I’m doing the right thing. Like, has my moment passed? Was it a sign I wasn’t supposed to be in Japan last year when I was forced to come back because I got really sick? I guess I’m just really worried that it will happen again. I just hate the idea of being so invested in something and then to have it taken away or not work out.

And I think another thing that bothers me is that I’ll have a hard time calling my best friend. I know it’s a pretty stupid reason, but in the states, we’re able to call an text each other all the time; while I’m in Japan, that won’t be the case. She’s my go-to when I’m stressed or anxious and so now I’m forcing myself to find other means if she isn’t available. I am glad I was able to spend a week with her before I left though 🙂



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I love Visual Kei and almost everything about Japan! If you're wondering what the small percentage of dislike is consisted of I'll sum it up in a few short words: COCKROACHES AND HUMIDITY. Alaska has neither of them; hence, no likey.
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